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YouTube Shorts Time Chrome Extension

YouTube Time - розширення для Chrome

YouTube Time - розширення для Chrome

Hello, fans of short YouTube videos. I encountered a problem that I needed to check the duration of Shorts videos, but this parameter was nowhere to be found. On longer videos, everything was there, but not on Shorts. I decided to rectify this injustice and, therefore, collaborated with a programmer to develop an extension for the Chrome browser called YouTube Shorts Time. The purpose of this extension is to show you the duration of a video. Typically, it ranges from 5 seconds to 1 minute. By default, YouTube does not provide this capability, but we worked with the programmer and made it possible.

Here is a photo of what you will see after activating the extension for Chrome, displaying the video’s duration.

Download “Shorts Time”

Who is this extension for?

Primarily, it is for people who analyze video content on YouTube, create videos, and earn money through monetization. The extension is completely free.

We would be grateful for any donations



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“YouTube Time” – better youtube shorts extension.

Thank you all very much! Let’s make YouTube even better.

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