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How to Gain YouTube Subscribers with AdWords Advertising in 2023?

Как набрать подписчиков YouTube с подмощу рекламы Adwords в 2023 году ?

I want to apologize right away, my office is in Russian, yours will look in another language

Hello, guys! I have been involved in AdWords advertising for over 10 years. My main focus is on setting up YouTube ads to attract potential customers or a loyal target audience for businesses.

Before you start spending your budget, honestly ask yourself two crucial questions:

  1. “How am I helpful to other people?”
  2. “What does my target audience look like, and do they need my product?”

These may seem like easy questions, but surprisingly, 90% of people struggle to answer them correctly at the initial stage. Many individuals live in the illusion that their product is needed by others or that their niche has little competition. Therefore, let’s take a realistic view and discard all the rose-tinted fantasies.

Now, I will provide you with a step-by-step guide in 12 points on how to set up AdWords advertising to target YouTube subscribers:

1.Register on AdWords.

2. Create a new campaign by clicking on “New campaign.”

3. Do not specify the campaign goal and click on “Continue.”

4. Choose the campaign type “Video” and click on “Continue.”

5. Select the option “More views” and click “Continue.”

6. Set the budget for the entire campaign, for example, 200 UAH or 300 UAH to start with. (I am from Ukraine, and therefore I have UAH currency. If you are from another country, you have a different currency)

7. In the “Budget and dates” field, set the duration for 2-3 days, not exceeding 100 UAH per day.

8. Specify the country and language in the “Location” and “Language” fields.

9. Leave the “Audiences” fields untouched as this is a test campaign.

10. Insert the link to your video (you can even use a competitor’s video).

11. It is crucial to choose “Video ad in the feed” and fill in the title and description.

12. The final step is setting the “Bid” budget. I recommend starting with 0.10 UAH for the test, although ADS-Google may suggest more. However, we stick to the idea of “spend less, gain more.” Submit your video for moderation with this bid.

Conclusion: This is a test campaign aimed at gaining YouTube subscribers. If you create similar campaigns for different videos, not only views but also engaged and interested users will come to your channel. It’s just the beginning, and you’ll need to test with various audiences, but I’ll write about that in the next articles, where I’ll describe in detail how to target your videos against competitors’ videos 😉. So, in 2023, follow all the steps from this article, and subscribers will undoubtedly come to your YouTube channel.”

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